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I regularly speak for different sectors and events about the psychological aspects of climate change. I am a Tedx speaker, have been featured in a BBC documentary on climate change anxiety and have been speaking for global businesses,  including those who are on the Carbon Disclosure Project A list.

Keynotes are bespoke and cover content that attends to the needs of the audience. My talks have a depth of psychological knowledge and can include experiential elements that allow the audience to experiment with practical skills. 

​Climate change is so much more than an excess of CO2 in the atmosphere. My talks tell a fuller story and can include multiple aspects, depending on your interests:


  • the need to prepare for the mental health impact of living in a world where change is inevitable and where a metaphorical death of much that has been familiar is inevitable

  • insights that support resilience, allow us to tolerate anxiety and enable us to stay with uncomfortable truths without collapsing into reactivity or numbing. 

  • research based evidence of how climate change affects our mental health and how in turn our mental health affects the state of the world

  • the role of compartmentalisation and numbing in a response that allows individuals, companies and nations to rationally say the right things and then to act in incongruent ways

  • the need to create frameworks of care that encourage maturity and support us to choose our caring side over impulsivity, exceptionalism and uncare

  • the role of collective trauma in our response to climate change

Image of Steffi Bednarek delivering a keynote speech
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