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Women as Leaders


Women in the Street
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The very word 'leader' can exclude women. Even those in leadership positions.


The dominant narrative of the heroic leader is so intrinsically woven into the cultural fabric that it is hard for us to have consciousness about the ways it tells us who to be, how to be and what to be. This is how the status quo is often replicated by the insidious patterns that sneak into many change initiatives.

We believe in disrupting the conscious and unconscious messages that have been internalised by many.

For us, the word ‘leader’ represents the delicate ecological interplay between self, others and the world. We are not separate from the world and the world is not separate from us. Learning how we are in relationship with ourselves, others and the world can allow new forms of responsive and regenerative leadership to emerge.

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We invite you to immerse yourself in a learning journey that disrupts the habitual, listens to voices that are seldom heard and nourishes underrepresented and exiled qualities.

We will explore the internalised conscious and unconscious assumptions of our roles as leaders in a time of deep change.

By engaging with systems theory, complexity thinking, emergent processes, trauma informed practice and soul and place based perspectives, we actively inquire how we embody and inadvertently reproduce the systemic beliefs, behaviours and patterns that cause suffering. By changing our perception, new patterns can begin to take shape.

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What to expect:


Immersive Exploration:

thought-provoking discussions and activities that challenge societal perceptions of leadership and encourage you to embrace your unique qualities.


Confidence Building:

Develop the confidence needed to step into leadership roles, both in your personal and work life.


Empowering Community: 

connect with women who share experiences and aspirations, creating a powerful network of support and inspiration.



Gain valuable insights into how your leadership can contribute to creating a more sustainable future for all.

Book Club
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