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Steffi Bednarek



Steffi Bednarek

Steffi is an internationally recognised thought leader, writer, speaker and adviser on climate psychology and systems thinking. Steffi is regularly commissioned to give talks, run incubation spaces for leaders and facilitate seminar days. She works with organisations, professionals and practitioners from government, business, financial services, higher education and non-governmental sectors to provide incubation spaces for ripened responses to the complexity that we collectively face.

Steffi studied systems thinking with Fritjof Capra and is a prolific writer on climate psychology. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, the BBC, Resurgence Magazine and the Ecologist, Therapy Today and many academic journals.

When we are stuck in a story that is too small for us, the solutions we find will reflect the old story back at us. We can do so much better than that. It may be time to tell a fuller story.