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I am an internationally recognised thought leader and consultant on climate psychology, systems thinking, and trauma informed organisational change. My work combines 20 years of experience as a highly trained psychotherapist, trauma therapist and community psychologist coupled with a training with leading systems thinkers (Fritjof Capra, Nora Bateson) and years of experience of working as a leadership development consultant.

My book "Climate, Psychology and Change" will be published in 2023. It has been endorsed by Fritjof Capra who called it 'an important contribution to the climate debate', by Satish Kumar who said: "this is more than a book. It is a work of wisdom and radical ideas', by Nora Bateson, who said that 'this beautiful book leaves nothing behind' and by Bill McKibben who said that 'this book proves that some of the finest minds in the world  are thinking through the problems and arriving at powerful answers."

I apply in depth psychological knowledge and a living systems perspective to exploring and at times potently challenging the mindset with which we approach the inter-connected problems of our time. My work goes beyond a superficial quick-fix and brings necessary 'de-rangement' to habitual patterns of thinking, so that things can come out re-arranged.

I have published widely on the psychological aspects of climate change. My work has been featured in the Huffington Post, the BBC,  Ed Miliband’s “Reasons to be cheerful’ Podcast, Resurgence Magazine & the Ecologist, and numerous international publications. 


I am co-founder of the 'Explorations into climate Psychology' journal. 

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